Cookie Policy

What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are text files located on your computer or mobile device when you access our website. First party cookies are set according to the domains you visit at the time. Third party cookies are set on other domains than the ones of the Internet websites visited by you, such as cookies set by the services used by the relevant domain. The information collected by the cookies do not store the name, the data filled in forms or such other personal data; however, they contain a unique ID used to distinguish between visitors, which makes the ID to be given as personal.

The cookies can be used for various purposes. Firstly, they can be necessary in order to ensure the proper functioning of the website. For example, without cookies it may result difficult for the website to remember that you connected or what products were added to the shopping cart. These are necessary cookies and active on an automatic basis, not being subject to the visitor’s consent. The category of necessary cookies also includes the cookies placed for non-personalised advertising, as well as those that measure audience within the Internet Audience and Traffic Measurement Study, managed by the Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit, because our website can not be profitable without measuring the audience of our website.

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Thirdly, when we integrate social network plug-ins into social networking sites, they place social media cookies (for example, youtube, soundcloud), to allow you to log using a third party service (for example, Facebook or Google), but also to give you the possibility to rate or share a page or product on the favourite social service.

The fourth important reason for which we use cookies is to allow online personalised advertising. Personalised advertising is how the online industry works nowadays thus allowing websites not to charge fees from visitors but to fund themselves from advertising. In fact, the brands that advertise themselves are interested in reaching the categories of audience relevant for their products and services, in other words the selection of certain categories of visitors to which the respective advertising is posted. Usually, by selecting those categories brands do not process personal data, but the profile that is created about the visitors relies on the data collected through the advertising profiling cookies. Since these cookies are placed by services controlled by us (but not by the advertising brand), it results that the profiling (which is a personal data processing) through these cookies is conducted by us as data controller.

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